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I welcome any suggestions for new sites!

However, please keep in mind: the content should be about ceramics.

Please, don't email me if you have a garden shop with only some pots and would like to exchange links, or if you run a gaming site.

If you would like to add your pottery page:

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Your mark / backstamp enquiry

If you have a piece of porcelain, or pottery and you would like to find out more about the mark / backstamp, have a look at my new blog:


Please note: I will post the answer to your question and your images on the blog, if I can help you with your piece. Please email me two clear photos, one of the piece and one of the mark. Some information (where you purchased the work, etc.) would also be helpful. That said, please be aware that I do not always have the time to respond to every question immediately.

If you agree to this terms, please email me the country you bought the piece and any provenance you have


Thank you and kind regards



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